Izea Inc (NASDAQ:IZEA) reported recently that it has received a number of high-profile contracts with a Fortune 500 financial services company. The company has also signed several agreements in excess of over a quarter a million dollars. Furthermore, IZEA established a new master services contract with a top 10 worldwide retailer and another related contract for a marketing campaign. The company intends to announce its Q3 bookings on October 10.

Ted Murphy, IZEA’s founder, and CEO stated that they are excited to receive the continued support from their long-term and meaningful relationships. The latest wins highlight the value that the company creates for its customers and the marketplace in general. Also, it shows how IZEA is committed to its service and investment in advanced technologies such as the artificial intelligence and machine reality.

IZEA has announced the release of its CurationEngine™. The new system will provide the programmatic analysis and judgments on the company’s influencer networks so as to advance the network quality and recognize the influencers who could not meet the brand safety conditions. Murphy stated that as the network size keeps increasing and quite a number of platform connections are growing daily and it’s not possible to process the volumes of data using humans. Thus artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming essential to replicate the curation process on a high speed and scale.

Before the release of the CurationEngine, IZEA was relying on the backlog of influencers to make a judgment. However, the challenge with the influencer networks is that the content data is endless. The content needs to be continuously analyzed and reanalyzed so as to ensure the continuity of the network integrity.

The latest system will allow the company to reduce the large size of the curation team and its associated costs. The work that was being handled by an increasingly growing group of people will now be reduced to only a few human labors as the machines substitute most of the repeat work thus saving the company huge expenses and the number of hours wasted on the way.