The device software customization service by Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) is expected to push for the agency’s adoption of new AndroidTM-based devices for first responders. This company’s experts have over the years engaged in the designation and the development of secure custom device firmware.

Each is fitted with enhancements for public safety operations and user experience adaptations. Most of the users appreciate the familiar interface which is designed in such a way that it is able to generate crucial information at a glance. It thus ends up cutting down on time in the various emergency situations. That is mostly at that point when each and every second counts.

This provider utilizes its experts in end-to-end LTE solutions across devices, network nodes and applications to ensure that extreme reliability and performances gets achieved in real-time.

They ensure that the build gets hardened and that is essential towards ensuring maximum security. It will be incorporating features like controlled access to external sources like application stores and device data encryption.

A service called Care for public safety helps towards ensuring that the most demanding communications needs of public safety organizations have been catered For.The Company ensures that services interworking with multivendor LTE networks and the new network functionality are availed right from the start.

Recently, one European operator attested to the fact that he had employed the service and as a result gotten to reap from a wide array of the linked benefits. A significant reduction in the operational and downtime risks is one of the major associated benefits. The levels are quickly stabilizing pretty fast and at the same time fulfilling the set safety requirements.

An official working with the provider opined, “In addition to these two new services, Nokia’s innovations for public safety also include rapid verification of mission-critical network coverage levels along major roads and railway tracks by mining crowd-sourced performance data using the Nokia AVA platform.”

The head of Nokia’s global business development in Global Services, Asad Rizvi talked about the success of moving to broadband-based critical communications. According to him, it is something that requires deep operational and technological expertise.