Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) reported the extension of the consent solicitations of Windstream Services, LLC relating to certain of the firm’s due senior notes. It is extending the expiration period for the respective consent solicitations relating to its current 7.75% senior notes to be paid in 2021 and 7.50% senior notes due 2022. As per the latest update, the expiration date has been changed to November 27, 2017.

The buzz

Windstream introduced the Consent Solicitations in the month of October, looking for consents from owners of Notes series to renounce certain apparent defaults relating to transactions linked to Uniti Group, Inc. spin-off and to amend the deals governing the applicable “Notes” to offer effect to such changes and waivers.

The Consent Solicitations need consensuses from holders exhibiting a big part of the due aggregate principal sum of “Notes” series in order for such changes and waivers to become effective relating to such “Notes” series. The firm denies that any apparent default has occurred and is looking for a judicial announcement that there has been no default pertaining to the Spin-Off and associated deals.

Global Bondholder Services Corporation will be the Information and Tabulation Agent for the aforementioned Consent Solicitations. Requests or questions for assistance linked to the Consent Solicitations, counting requests for additional prints of the letter of consent and consent solicitation statements, if applicable, linked to the Consent Solicitations may be sent to Global Bondholder Services Corporation.

Holders are directed to check with any securities broker, related intermediary or bank via which they keep any of the “Notes” as to when such intermediary requires to get instructions from a holder so that the respective holder can participate in, or revoke their instruction to join in, the Consent Solicitations before the closing date specified here and in the Offering Documents.