Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) reported the release of AR Mode for CSR Racing 2, the most famous Racing game on mobile. Players can offer their dream car garage life like never before, relating with their vehicle collection in 3D within real world settings.

The buzz

Since launching in last year, CSR2 has led innovation in the mobile Racing segment offering the most authentic vehicle as well as drag racing experience to vehicle enthusiasts across the globe. Working with all auto manufacturers showcased in-game, every car in CSR2 has been carefully recreated, with utmost attention focused to every part of the customization experience, from finishes and paint colors to trims and interior leather colors.

Taking the authenticity ahead, CSR2’s AR Mode launches a next-gen car interaction experience, enabling players to scale their car to showroom specs, reposition and place their supercar in a real-world scenario, share their design on social media on big scale and much more.

Julian Widdows, the VP of Games, CSR2, expressed that remarkable visual fidelity, unmatched vehicle authenticity and genre-highlighting levels of customization are the keystones of CSR2. AR marks as the perfect platform to exhibit the incredible level of care and detail they take in recreating some of the most desired cars of world by getting them off the device screen and into players’ own driveways. CSR2’s AR Mode diminishes the line between the real-world and digital, offering an immersive experience that positions their players in the owner’s car seat of their dreams.

It comprises unique features such as improved supercar interaction. Category-leading levels of car interaction with the players’ ability to assess every part of their dream car, counting opening all doors, trunks and hoods; experimenting with spoiler alternatives; inspecting the engine; and treading inside their computer generated car. As the sole mobile Racing game to boost physically-based shading, the new mode enables players to layer reflections on their car by applying a range of reflection cubemaps.