It is not a matter that comes as news to many that BitConnect is a major scam. To many, the project is apparently dead and buried. However, it is crucial to point out that indeed that is not necessarily the case and one needs to think twice before jumping to make any conclusions.

If everything goes according to plan, it might soon be possible to make purchases into the BitConnectX ICO later this particular year. Anyone with common sense should be able to dismiss the BitConnectX ICO project or anything related to it with immediate effect. Just as it is the case with the BitConnect Ponzi Scheme, anyone that will resort to BitConnectX should anticipate nothing else other than serious financial loss.

The ICO industry has a very bad reputation and there is a somewhat good reason as to why it has been this way all along. It is however crucial to point out that indeed most of the projects have been perfectly legitimate to this point.

There is a high chance that quite a significant number of the ambitious plans won’t turn out as anticipated by many. Anyone that has been following closely on the matter will attest to the fact that most of the ambitious plans don’t usually culminate to viable products. The uncomfortable fact but one which everyone needs to take in is the fact that to this moment in time there are still major scams in the ICO world at the moment.

BitConnectX can appropriately be defined as an upcoming ICO which has a pretty close relationship with the BitConnect Ponzi Scheme. All in all, BCC happens to be one among the few currencies that are seen as the best when it comes to making contributions but that is not something to be happy about. In fact, upon learning such a point any thoughtful person should be in a position to sense danger since it is a red flag.

There is a major misconception that it is slowly taking root and that has to do with a lot of people thinking that BitConnect is an already done deal. The truth is that it isn’t done yet.