The most recent move by Cryptocurrency Exchange is the listing of PIVX. The time to start depositing and trading PIVX is finally here and it is important point out that PIVX and PIVX/BNB, PIVX/BTC trading pairs have secured places in Binance and this is a major shift in line with business dynamics.

A personal well conversant with the most recent developments disclosed that the cryptocurrency investment was in its entirety a subject of significant risk. He moved ahead to call upon all the interested persons to be more cautious when it comes to making the investments.

Complaints have popped up from time to time. They have been complaints emanating from those investors that make mistakes and at the end of it all they want to blame someone else. A high sense of responsibility is required and that is not only in making this sort of investment but also in the rest of the investments.

Binance seems to have leant well from its lessons in the past. That is why it is coming out more strongly to assert its position in relation to the matter. In its most recent statement, it outlined that it wouldn’t in anyway be held accountable for the investment losses of any given investor regardless of how influential or rich he might be. It intends to stick to its guns in the long run and that was disclosed by one of the top officials working with it.

But no one needs to look at it as being overly insensitive. It has a soft spot for the investors as well. That was clear from another statement that it made where it cited that it would dedicate itself to choosing from the high quality coPIVX. It was in the same line of thought that it proceeded to indicate its appreciation for all those supporting it.

Fundamentally, PIVX has its basis on Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base and it has also been running on the Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol. To achieve increased transaction privacy and rather open decentralized governance, PIVX usually utilizes a network of masternodes and it goes without saying that the sustained network benefits users a huge deal.