Modern sport pulls along with its own intricacies but the one thing worth nothing is the fact that the financial side usually draws equal attention to the real action. The complicated contracts, advertising as well as Sponsorship are just as crucial as the action on the field.

The passage of time witnessed the stakes rise consistently and thus it got rather difficult for the various young athletes to break through without the outstanding high levels of financial backing. SportyCo is innovative and is determined, now more than ever to eliminate the various monetary barriers and of course that is via the Blockchain technologies.

It was on February 2 2018 when SportyCo moved ahead to make the announcement regarding its intended collaboration with the Spanish football team RCD Espanyol. The team is an active participant in the La Liga but the best part about it is the fact that it has in numerous instances received major endorsements from several high-profile professional footballers such as Ronaldhino.

Sometime back SportyCo was called SportyFi. Offering the required support to the promising professional sports players is at the heart of SportyCo. Helping them progress their game is essential and that possibility comes into play after the elimination of the increasingly high monetary barriers that come into play when they move towards becoming elite athletes.

The block chain systems is time and again proving its versatility and the most outstanding instances have been when they helped prevent the digital advertising fraud and the double-spend.

The company’s spokesperson opined said, “SPF tokens are Ethereum smart-contract (ERC20) compatible and can be purchased on exchanges such as Okex, HitBTC and LiveCoin. The December 2017 ICO reached over $5 million dollars, and as well as gaining public support from several professional athletes.”

SportyCo has also moved ahead to outline that if everything moves according to plan the platform might be unveiled on March 31 2018.It takes the strong standpoint that incase the project turns out successful it could prove epical and revolutionary for quite a significant number of the aspiring elite athletes who are at the moment barred from attaining their full potential due to the various financial obstacles in place.