For over quite some time there has been relatively little that has been coming to the limelight regarding T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE:PCS). It hasn’t been for nothing since it was busy working on an enterprise blockchain solution over those months and who knows? It might later shock the world with a big reveal soon.

Sometime back the information about the company’s role towards the development of Hyperledger Sawtooth’s 1.0 version hit headlines in a prominent way. But even with that said, it is also worth mentioning that its overarching blockchain work is not known on a wider scale.

Any person keeping track of the company’s actions will attest to the fact that it is trying so much to keep the accompanying details under lock and key. It was just recently when the senior architect of T-Mobile’s Hyper Directory Chris Spanton outlined that back in November a blockchain proof-of-concept (PoC) was quietly unveiled. He went further to say that each one of them fitted into the company’s larger push to leverage on the open-source software.

It gets to a point when the Hyper Directory uses the Hyperledger Sawtooth in a bid to control those persons that gain access to the T-Mobile cloud-based solutions and this is what is commonly referred to as IAM or identity and access management.

Reports indicate that it got to a point when Spanton resolved to tour the progress made on the directory at Amazon’s Re:Invent event in Las Vegas and that was way back in December. It was at that point that the presentation of the way in which blockchain can enhance security as well as cut down on the costs for enterprises took place.

While addressing several journalists who sought to see him disclose much about the latest developments, Spanton opined, “the directory is being designed to address concerns over who has access to do what in the cloud, when those permissions are active, who grants those permissions and how this can all be done without increasing complexity.”

A lot of people around the globe will be following closely on the matter to see what the bombshell will be like.