Cardano a smart platform, with focus on security, announced that it upgraded its 1.1.0 software becoming the first ever major release for the technological platform since releasing its mainnet at the end of September.

The team behind the new technology has expressed its satisfaction having completely addressed issues that were being experienced by its users with its Daedalus platform. The platform is said to hold Ada, a digital currency token that operates the Cardano platform. Cardano is said to have been the first ever blockchain platform that has evolved through a scientific driven philosophy.

With a value of $4.5 billion, Cardano is ranked as the 6th most valuable cryptocurrency in the market having been founded by Charles Hoskinson who happens to be equally the co-founder of ethereum. Hoskinson aims to provide a more balanced and a sustainable system for the digital currencies.

The upgrade

The new update includes new features for Daedalus that are able to permit detection of the time on the users devices when it’s not able to synchronize with global time thereby prompting a message requiring a fix-up of the issue. Besides that the new features are also focused on the user experience, performance improvements and bug fixes in comparison to its previous version (Cardano SL 1.0.3).

This new feature also brings a solution to the Cardano node where it was not able to connect to the network and validate the Blockchain. The support request feature enables users be able to report a problem directly.

Particularly, the bugs that used to create problems during the synchronizing to the network, upon reaching 99.9% have been fixed and a new future added, which is capable of indicating the state of connectivity. Besides that, the bugs caused occasional network outages.

The technology team behind this also said that Blockchains performance retrieval and reliability has been greatly improved after fixing of the bugs that occasionally slowed network synchronization and network disruptions.

With addition of new support request feature, users will now be able to report problems directly with Daedalus. Upon reporting of the problem, automatically a log file will be created to update the support team with information thereby solving the issue.