truCrowd, Inc., a crowd funding-based investment platform and one of only 38 Reg. CF FINRA-registered crowd funding portals in the U.S., executed an agreement to receive an investment from Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. (OTC: DATI) which would create a joint-venture between the two firms.

DATI is a public accelerator-incubator company that specializes in bringing what would have previously been private investment opportunities for wealthy investors to everyday investors. This commonality between truCrowd and DATI creates unique synergies between the two companies; giving DATI’s advisement tremendous value and truCrowd the capital required to onboard more companies, faster.

Initially, DATI will receive a 19.9% stake in truCrowd which will vest over 6 months.  DATI also retains the option to acquire an additional 19.99% stake down the road. The two companies will leverage the influx of cash flow to market new companies seeking funding, in addition to attracting new investors looking for opportunities to invest their cash in high-tech startup companies. This will help create more deal flow, and ultimately lead both companies to grow their revenue streams. As more and more companies successfully complete deals on truCrowd, the platform will grow in acceptance and become a ‘go-to’ for startup founders to pursue raising capital for their future startup endeavors.

With the rapid growth of the FinTech space (41% CAGR over the last four years, according to PWC), products like truCrowd are well positioned to meet the demand of millennial investors – which predominantly consist of what DATI’s management refers to as “disenfranchised investors”, and startup founders alike.

truCrowd and Digital Arts Media Network will share their expertise, experience, and ideas with one another to help ensure mutually beneficial growth.