Charles Hoskinson is the Founder of Cardano and this time around he is setting out to give an elaborate explanation about ethereum classic. He has what it takes to provide the correct details considering that he is also the co-founder of Ethereum. He is one of the big names behind the second-ranked cryptocurrency in terms of associated market capitalization.

Speaking at the Learn Crypto

The Input-Output Hong Kong organization was the one that came up with Cardano ADA. Having been its founder implies that he had an opportunity to experience the developmental pulse of this massive industry. A lot of crypto enthusiasts are taking him quite seriously as they look forward to making their respective investments.

He was at the Learn Crypto-a You Tube Channel, when he made his remarks regarding the Ethereum Classic (ETC) currency. It was in 2016 that this official became a part of the  Ethereum Classic team. It was a team focused on offering guidance to the coin in line with its hard fork from ETH.

The turn of events

It is crucial for any crypto-enthusiast to note the major difference that exists between ETC and ETH. The former greatly focuses on the promotion of the thought of unrevisable, immutable blockchains. The DAO hack was a very low moment for quite a significant number of cryptocurrency investors. It was an incident that almost threatened splitting the community of Ethereum.

The miners of ETH Classic seemed to lean more in the search for the original ETH blockchain. That was against the expectations of many. A large number thought they would be a part of the latest blockchain that returned ether to impacted investors but that wasn’t the case. The turn of events ended up being hailed with both derision and admiration in equal measure.

The proponents of ETC are of the view that it is unnecessary for this currency to revise the blockchain. They believe that it should happen no matter the circumstance. This hack was not anything to celebrate. Hoskinson admitted that he had put his reputation and name brand on Ethereum. He had been a great believer in this system’s philosophy.