MetaMask a browser extension that interacts with Ethereum (ETH) network was recently pulled off from the Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chrome Web Store. The popular web plugin allows the cryptocurrency traders to run decentralized apps on their browser.

MetaMask returns to Chrome after five hours

Speculations suggest that removal of the oldest and most used DApps on the ETH network was related to the ban from Google on the extensions that crypto miners use for mining. The app was listed yet again on Chrome after five hours.

Google has lately become quite strict with cryptojacking and malware-based mining as these cause problems frequently. As per a report, the giant search engine initially allowed mining extensions on Chrome as they were only dedicated to crypto mining and informed the users’ purpose of mining. However, traders misused this facility and started adding noncompliant add-ons to the platform.

MetaMask has not been developed as a regular mining tool and hence crypto miners do not use it for the typical mining activities. However, specific mining dApps including Rigwars and CryptoGems are run on MetaMask. One of the main reasons of targeting the Ethereum interfacing application is its flexibility. Other wallets including KryptoKit, ArcBit, and Jaxx were not removed from the Chrome store.

MetaMask unsure why Google removed its extension from Chrome

MetaMask recently tweeted on its official account that it is unsure why Google temporarily delisted its extension from the Chrome Web store and that they will update everyone once more information is available. The team of MetaMask has decided to offer a retrospective on the entire event on Twitter. During the time the extension was listed it continued to offer its services through GitHub. According to the company even if the Google had decided to delist the browser permanently it will still remain available on GitHub.

Incidentally, the problem arose when during the short time when MetaMask was unavailable online; a malware imitating the activities of MetaMask became operational which most probably stole the private keys or information on the web store. However, nothing is clear as of now. After the brief showdown, MetaMask announced that it is back to its users.