Sirin Labs recently announced that it will launch its cryptocurrency mobile device in November 2018. Priced at $1,000, the mobile device known as Finney is expected to create quite a ripple in the market. The concept of cryptocurrency phone is not new and already various firms in the field of technology are working to create a blockchain mobile phone. However, it seems that Sirin Labs will be the first to bring such an innovation in the market.

Finney to be customized for cryptocurrency & blockchain industry

 As of now, crypto enthusiasts can easily convert their existing mobile phone into a digital currency wallet. For that, they simply require correct mobile applications and technology favoring data backups. Many technology companies are not in favor of such a cryptocurrency customized phone. However, Sirin Labs is already working on it and will launch a mobile device that is specifically devised to fulfill the requisites of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

The device Finney comes with a slim casing and has a special secondary display dedicated to cryptocurrency transactions making it quite special. According to Sirin Labs, the second screen of Finney comes with a dedicated firmware which is separate from the rest of the mobile phone. The device will keep the crypto portfolio of the users safe always as it is equipped with built-in cold storage functionality. Finney will be loaded with features that offer support to multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Sirin Labs to focus on privacy and security

The blockchain supporting mobile device will operate on Android system and the security and privacy of the device will be protected through a solid collection of codes. With the help of Finney’s operating system, users can gain access to a blockchain app store. Other features include 6 GB RAM, Snapdragon 845, a separate Safe Screen feature, embedded cold storage, a token system, and a decentralized app (Dapp).

Since Finney is also a Smartphone it will have all the features that are a part of regular smart mobile devices of reputed brands. It will have an internal storage capacity of 128 GB, 2-inch Safe Screen and 6-inch main screen, a back camera with 12-megapixel single lens and an 8-megapixel lens for front-facing cameras which is used usually for selfies.