UK has all it takes to rise and become a global leader in the crypto economy and blockchain technologies. That came out in a report released earlier today.

Britain is rich in resources aside from having government and industrial will working in its favor. It is most probably fated to become the worldwide hub for this technology by 2022.That is according to projections made by DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics.

Blockchain technology has greatly impacted the way transactions are made and recorded. Not only that, this digital ledger has also impacted how agreements and contracts are carried out in the recent times. Bitcoin as a virtual currency has its own challenges, but people around the globe haven’t yet given up on it. That is easy to tell from the large number of investments that continue to be made as we progress.

A close outlook into the matter

The sharing of this database across a network of computers ensures that quite much is accomplished within a short period of time. As per this moment, there exists a long list of chronological transactions that have been conducted all through from the point this network was first established.

The current the chief executive of DAG Global is called Sean Kiernan. In one of his latest interviews, he spoke elaborately regarding the major steps made so far. He is optimistic that anytime soon a gap that exists between crypto economy and traditional financial system in the UK will be closing.

Recent developments

The UK has recently been undergoing major transformations. After making itself a name as one of the major global financial hubs, it has also risen to become a major fintech leader. The UK parliament has given its perspective regarding blockchain terming it a disruptive technology that will help much in business activities.

Chief executive of the Big Innovation Centre Birgitte Andersen has outlined that they are still in the early stages of their undertakings. They are hoping to accomplish quite much in terms of supporting the development of this industry. They expect the technology will have a major positive impact in Britain and around the globe.