Although the recent fall of crypto market prices, blockchain jobs are a raging bull industry, with blockchain developer job topping the list with *33 times increase according to LinkedIn emerging jobs report. The report which was recently released by the social site on December 13th, was used to analyze the fastest growing jobs market in the U.S. for the year 2018.

Cryptocurrency markets are at their lowest since the middle of 2017. Although the markets have faltered it comes as a surprise that blockchain development industry is thriving. The report by LinkedIn states that the blockchain developer job had a major growth of 33* in 2018 which is significantly larger than its rival, the second fastest growing job ‘machine learning engineers’, which saw a growth of 12* through the year 2018.

Why Is The Growth So Rapid?

The drastic and rapid growth of the blockchain development market has certainly been fueled by the rise of the usage of blockchain technology among the big players in the tech business. The main players in the search for workers with skills and a knowledge base are three major companies, these include IBM, ConsenSys, and Chainyard and the main cities include San Francisco, New York and Atlanta.

The report by LinkedIn also notes that the most widely searched for skills in the blockchain development sector are experience and knowledge with solidity, Ethereum, blockchain technology, And cryptocurrency.

Although the demand for blockchain developers is at its peak, the cryptocurrency market has definitely stagnated its growth. Companies in the blockchain sector have been impacted by the market crash or downfall.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain has grown to be the most fascinating and useful technology the world has come to see. The technology has a wide variety of uses. Some of its most potential uses are yet to be discovered. It is the system/ technology used for a majority of digital currencies in the cryptocurrency markets. This amazing technology is also becoming a leader in job creation all around the globe.