The Tunisian Internet Agency ATI has agreed to a 10-Year renewable contract to provide Russian Blockchain platform Universa with web hosting services. ATI has been in operation for over two decades now promoting Internet usage in the Islamic state.

Joint efforts

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, the government run agency will serve the Russian Blockchain firm with web hosting services and contribute to its further growth. According to the December 19 release, the two parties will be involved in mutually benefiting projects over the 10 year period- subject to renewal.

Among other things, ATI will develop value-added services in the Blockchain space, work on digitization of paperwork and contribute to the development of a digital economy. Universa on the other hand create additional Blockchain based services and applications to be deployed in Tunisia’s existing technological platforms including the e-certification and the digital economy.

Furthermore, the new partners will work on joint ventures in the Blockchain as a service (BaaS) spectrum. Among the projects scheduled for the joint efforts include digital identity, smart cities, digital assets and e-governance.

Growing Appetite for Blockchain solutions

Blockchain technology has for some time now appealed to governments. Speculators in the sector believe that the technology can be successfully deployed in e-governance to provide transparency and root out cases of corruption several other benefits.

The technology has received an overwhelming attention in the traditional banking sector with the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) recently partnering with Tunisian iFinTech Solutions to develop interbank Blockchain tools. Through the initiative, Islamic banks will be able to loan themselves since the Sharia laws considers borrowing from non-islamic entities as “haraam.”

Meanwhile, experts affiliated to the World Bank Group have proposed to the organization the use of Blockchain powered e-movement procurement. The experts argue that a Blockchain-based e-government system will enhance efficiency and promote transparency.