CrypticCoin Foundation (CRYP) has announced a partnership with CryptoOracle to enhance the business processes in delivering community-driven global blockchain technology solutions. The partnership is to focus majorly on joint marketing as well as execution within the blockchain ecosystem.

All Eyes on Global Awareness and Adoption of Blockchain

Usually, whenever there’s a partnership, expectations are high for the participating parties to deliver on a higher outcome. The same is expected as CrypticCoin has announced a partnership with the community-first venture capitalist, CryptoOracle that focuses entirely on utilizing distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which is highly recognized as blockchain technology.

The collaboration means that CryptoOracle team which is headed by James Haft who has more than 30 years of experience in emerging markets, as well as technology, will bring a fast and significant role. Besides, Mr. Haft is the co-founder of ClimateCoin, NXTPLabs as well as

Therefore, it’s expected that CryptoOracle with its foundation on the belief that blockchain technology is the real answer to solving problems, together they will provide a robust community-driven global blockchain technology solutions. Blockchain technology will help to solve several and most laborious businesses as well as social problems that face society.

Mr. Shannon Allen, CIO of CrypticCoin Foundation on the partnership, he believes that CryptoOracle together with its global partners will help to empower them to achieve their mission towards a global awareness as well as a mass blockchain adoption.

All Looks Positive Going Ahead

With the two on board, users have the allowance of engaging in direct transactions which have high levels of security and privacy. The speeds are also faster as well as cheaper even than the debit and credit card transactions.

On the collaboration, James Haft, Managing Partner of CryptoOracle, firmly believes that communities are created so that opportunities can be created. Therefore, in his words, he thinks CrypticCoin they have a partner that always builds a CrypticCoin Community to service their numbers. Often many partnerships have been that have ended so much successful, but still, there are some which have a sad story to tell. Therefore, sooner or later the results of the partnership between CrypticCoin and CryptoOracle will be learned.