Cryptocurrency exchange Globitex has launched their EURO Wallet that is powered by Nexpay UAB which is an EU licensed financial institution. The EURO Wallet allows the users to make as well as receive EUR payments instantly on a personal IBAN account just like any other EUR bank account.

Globitex Building on Its Values

Making the announced, Globitex CEO Uldis Teraudkalns said that the company is striving to be a market leader in security, convenience, and compliance. For that reason therefore-putting the values in mind, they reached out for the creation of the EURO wallet.

The EURO wallet account can be accessed by users on the cryptocurrency exchange platform and will provide the user with seamless transactions as well as EUR with full self-control almost instantly after a withdrawal from the Globitex trading account. Perhaps, the EURO wallet offers unique functionality of access to the fully functional IBAN account through the Globitex cryptocurrency exchange and instant deposits or withdrawals on the Globitex trading account.

Preferably, the new service is designed so that it can assist crypto users, miners, traders and businesses in the EU. At the moment, the exchange supports the trading of BCH, BTC, GBX, ETH, and EURS. Just like any other EUR account, the service comes with various fees for using it, and on top of that, there’s a monthly outbound transaction limit of 30,000 euros for an individual or 200,000 euros for corporate entities.

Banks Closing Crypto Business Accounts, EURO Wallet is the Solution

Globitex believes that apart from the several benefits that come with the new service, it also serves as the solution as various banks close accounts of crypto businesses. The EURO wallet has several features but not limited to SEPA transfers, third-party payments, personal IBAN account, intuitive as well as familiar interface, responsive and friendly customer support, and also funds are kept at the European central bank.

Besides, the service will provide users with personal EUR account on a similar platform as their trading account hence allowing instant transfers which save not only time but also money when moving the funds. The new service is indeed a stepping stone for Globitex which is looking at the sky as the limit.