Unlike many new cryptocurrencies, Grin coin is having a different and unique way of doing things. The privacy-focused cryptocurrency is aiming at offering the community a product which is based on ideas as well as technology instead of the hype as well as ICO marketing.

Growing on Work Rather than Hype

The anonymous cryptocurrency is a new privacy coin which uses the Mimblewimble protocol which blends all transactions from people that nobody can trace them. Although Grin coin never had an ICO or even a founder’s reward, it has indeed caused some stir in the crypto community as a result of its entirely decentralized nature.

Their project is entirely driven by donations to ensure that they maintain a high level of transparency as well as show the community they are underway building something of value. Interestingly, Grin’s founder is anonymous just like Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto. The founder of Grin-Igno Peverell has all eyes set in developing a valuable thing that is as well community-based and open source and not about the hype.

According to Peverell, it’s all about developing Grin and making it a significant project as well as a great community without worrying about externalities which can’t be controlled.

Grin Already Making Forward Steps

Not many crypto coins put more focus on a viable usage, or a strong community of adopters like Grin is taking it. The currency has already shown some real value as well as staying power as it has been listed on two popular exchanges. For any crypto startups, that is a step which is often viewed as rewarding and culminating, but for Peverell, he would rather focus more on usage and adoption.

According to him, as much as that is a significant step, their project team is not concerned with the price movements, but rather they work in advancing the community and ecosystem. For the fans of decentralization, the project should be exciting as well as the believers of development instead of too much interest on the market price going up and down. What Grin coin is actually doing is trying to realize the potential of blockchain setting its mind straight regardless of the prize.