The liquidhas enabled deposits using the debit or credit cards in alliance with Simplex. The new facility allows the holders and traders of cryptocurrency to make deposits in fiat currency and trade. Head (Global Development and Sales) of Liquid, Seth Melamed said the company is pleased to work with Simplex to offer an innovative solution and provide flexibility to the users in making deposits. It ensures the safety of the financial transactions carried out on the platform using the latest technology.

Liquid supports a variety of fiat currencies

Seth said the trading platform already supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. The company has progressed further allowing the traders to trade or investing in cryptocurrencies by making deposits with the help of a credit or debit card. Established in November 2017 with the merger of Qryptos and Quoinex, Tokyo based Liquid is under the regulation of Japan Financial Services Agency.

The investors and traders, who use the operator services, can only deposit using Euro for now. According to a communicative from Liquid, the platform would soon extend support for deposits in dollars. The investors can buy a variety of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). The traders can indulge in margin trading of cryptocurrencies by depositing funds in various fiat currencies.

Zero risk fraud

Simplex is one of the prominent firms in supporting cryptocurrency companies with innovative payment solutions. The company said it processes the deposits made using credit cards with zero risk. Simplex guarantees all the payments using its technology. The customers can confidently trade on the platform. If a customer claims loss of funds on the platform by fraud, Simplex pays back the funds.

Changelly allows the purchase of XRP using credit cards

In partnership with SimplexCC, Changelly allowed the customers to purchase XRP with the help of a credit or debit card. Around 3 million customers of Changelly would enjoy this new initiative and instantly buy XRP using a credit card with no worries. The customers with Master or Visa credit or debit cards can use this facility to trade in XRP. Changelly is excited to get Simplex onboard to serve its 700,000 global customers risk-free.