MetaX has unveiled a new product adChain Audits to identify and prevent frauds in digital ads. adChain Audits has inbuilt human expertise and machine learning to detect and prevent the frauds in digital advertizing campaigns. The company developed the product to ensure the authenticity and validity of the supporting channel and help the marketers to reach the targeted audiences. To its credit, the company introduced adChain Registry, the smart contract on Ethereum blockchain. It secures publisher of domain names. adToken holders trust the adChain Registry listed domain names as non-fraudulent.

Chief Executive Officer of MetaX, Ken Brook said the company offers the right platform with a blend of human expertise and technology as part of its commitment to ensuring transparency. The company showcases fraud impacting digital ad campaigns. It recommends the right action to tackle the frauds.

MetaX uses the services of Ad Fraud Researcher

MetaX employed the services of an independent Cyber Security/ ad fraud researcher – Dr. Augustine Fou for developing the adChain audit service. Dr. Fou said bots no longer engages in ad frauds. The most threat to digital ads comes from the Mobile space. The keyboard apps and flashlights cause a threat to digital ad campaigns. The company has developed a mechanism to analyze the data and prevent fraud.

Customer’s opinion

Media Global Cosmetics Company Senior Vice President said the audit process of MetaX helped it to identify and prevent the fraud that comes from a publisher via the supply of media. The customers can use Live Fraud Detection to review the data, detect the fraud, and turn off the rogue apps and domains while ensuring the running of ad campaigns. MetaX recommends early detection and prevention of the fraud when compared to doing the damage analysis and prevention later.

The partners of adChain Audits enjoys measurable improvements in fraud detection and prevention by turning off the fraudulent apps and sites and maintains the live running of the ad campaigns. A leading entertainment studio prevented the fraudulent sites, which bypassed the IVT detection, with the help of adChain Audits. It helped to eliminate sites that misrepresent inventories. Therefore, the firms that use adChain audits ensure a cleaner supply chain by reducing the fraudulent bot traffic to 1% from 20% and traffic from fraudulent sites to 3% from 14%.