Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been undergoing challenges from time to time, and experts attribute it to its culture. In 2018, the company lost the Project Maven contract. This is a Pentagon Project, which will be expected to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If all moves according to plan, the technology will enable the differentiation of people and objects. That will be in the course of the drones’ footage. Google is believed to have lost the project as a result of company executives bowing to the pressure of internal criticism.

Sexual misconduct and other challenges facing Google

The other challenge that the company faced was the issue of sexual misconduct. This was a matter that led the company’s workers conducting protests against sexual misconduct. Allegedly, some of the top executives had been engaging in gross sexual misconduct with the staff.

The other issue was about the company’s plan to censor a Google search version for China. The employees were not in support of the plan and had been fighting it from the inside. Google bowed to the pressure again, eventually canceling the project.

Bowing to internal pressure resulting in Google losing top brains

Investigations show that there has always been a trend of the company giving in to inside pressure. Sadly, it is becoming a culture and a destructive one for that matter.

Former Alphabet Chairman and Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, fight against the retrogressive culture in most of his speeches. He opines, “You need these aberrant geniuses because they’re the ones that drive, in most cases, the product excellence.”

The former Android head, Andy Rubin, was one of the geniuses accused on the sexual misconduct claims. Allegedly, he forced some of the workers to perform oral sex on him. Before exiting, the company had to give him $90 million. His exit means the company will miss his contributions in what the company terms a significant segment of its business operations. This is where you find products billions of us use daily such as Google Translate,Google Maps, and Gmail as well.

Controversies here are troubling, and most of the people wait to see how Google resolves the matter.