The American multinational technology company Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has spoken about its updated privacy policy. Expounding on the latest policy, it admitted to having used employees and contractors in collecting the voice data of users. Microsoft spoke regarding the matter on Wednesday.

Microsoft and its take on the matter

The company’s spokesperson said that they needed to collect voice data. According to him, this was the best way the company would succeed in the delivery of voice-enabled services. Such services are essential for Cortana, Skype, and others that employ vendors assist with service delivery enhancements.

Through an emailed statement, the spokesperson added they listened to most of the questions raised by users. He said that the company’s focus was to work towards the delivery of top-notch services. The spokesperson believes that employing humans in the content review activities was one of the ways to achieve company goals.

Confessions by other companies and changes by Microsoft

Microsoft is the latest company to admit to having used human contractors in the data review practices. Earlier on, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) came to limelight informing users that it indeed paid outside contractors for transcription roles. Humans helped Facebook with the transcription of audio clips from consumers of its services.

Microsoft wants its users to understand all the new changes it has made to its privacy statement. It also made changes to the product FAQs, the purpose is to provide greater clarity to users. The company adds that it won’t be taking any opportunity to spark growth and improve its services for granted.

Lawmakers and regulators have been on the frontline seeking companies practicing these activities to take full responsibility. Various tech companies in the United States have been listening to the criticism from lawmakers and regulators, with each giving its reasons.

The other companies that engaged in this exercise were Google and apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The two outlined that they stopped the practice a week ago. Lawmakers will be looking to confirm if, for instance, Facebook has stopped using humans in listening of audio recordings of the users. The company’s policy provided that only artificial intelligence would be listening to such recordings.