LinkedIn has made some changes on how you showcase your skills on your profile. Most people might overlook this new change, and if you do that will be a huge blunder.

LinkedIn making skill verification easier

Most recruiters and hiring managers are paying attention to the new change, so it is also vital that you also be keen on it. According to LinkedIn research, around 69% of professionals feel like their skills are an essential part of their job-seeking journey. Approximately 76% of professionals feel like if recruiters could verify their skills, then they could be in a better position to land a job.

As a result, LinkedIn is introducing a Skills Assessment that will enable professionals to verify the skills they possess. Once one has validated their skills, then they can be in a position to show their proficiency and thus stand out among the rest. Results indicate that there is a possibility that once you have completed the LinkedIn Skill Assessment, you are 30% more likely to secure a job than those who have not.

Good news for baby boomers

This introduction is good news for Baby Boomers as now they will be able to validate their skills. This will dispel the myth that boomers are not gifted technically relative to young workers. However, for those who have specialized in soft and industry skills, there isn’t much benefit. However, LinkedIn is also considering having a non-tech skills assessment.

Every Skill Assessment has been created through a comprehensive and extensive content creation and evaluation process. After completion of the Skill Assessment, candidates will receive a badge displayed on the profile in LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Recruiters.

The assessment is in the form of multiple-choice quizzes that the user can answer to validate their knowledge in areas such as software packages, computer languages, and technical skills. The assessment in the skills section, and you can scroll down and choose a Skill Assessment, and the results are private. You get to add a “verified skill” badge to your profile if you pass.