Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) took a step forward to gift the office workers with a video chat facility. Now, office workers can chat with colleagues and friends right from their desk with the help of Portal’s Video Calling Technology.

Smart camera functionality

Facebook would use Portal’s intelligent camera functionality to bring video calling facility to the workplace. It automatically includes people on a call in the frame using Portal’s smart camera functionality. Facebook would soon introduce a facility to share content with your colleagues.

Supports 50 participants

Facebook’s innovative software and portal devices support video calls for up to 50 office staff. The company is yet to roll out live broadcast and expected soon. According to Venture Beat, Facebook has missed out on introducing hardware at the launch. The recently unveiled Portal TV does not support video calling at the workplace. You can place a Portal TV below and plug it to the Portal TV to facilitate video calling on a bigger screen.

Rolls out smaller versions of video chat devices

Facebook introduced miniature versions of video chat devices and thus expanding its smart home gadgets in the portal family. The portal device boasts a larger screen that allows viewing people on a larger screen during video chat thanks to intelligent AI Technology. The company introduced a smaller version of the device called Portal Mini. Facebook launched a third device that includes a microphone and camera to attach to the TV.

Portal Mini and Portal devices come with a sleek frame design to fit into any home easily. A 10-inch HD display is used in the Portal devices to facilitate video calls. Portal Mini boasts an 8-inch screen. Both Portal and Portal Mini promotes watching of videos, photos and making video calls either in landscape or portrait modes. The devices use adaptive technology to adjust the color and brightness according to the surroundings. It gives the feeling of original videos and photos to the viewers. Users can listen to their favorite music on these devices when not on a call using the built-in powerful speakers.

Video calling facility in the home

Family members can now make video calls on a much larger screen using Portal TV. You can put this device either below or on top of the TV and make video calls. People can move around while making the calls.