Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), said the company is committed to introducing a pickup truck in November 2019. The car lovers could now view the shadow image of the much-touted Sci-fi pickup truck. It resembles that of a vehicle displayed in the film – Blade Runner.

Better than F-150 truck

Tesla plans to introduce a pickup truck, which is better than Ford’s F-150 in terms of functionality and will have more innovative features. Its look will be entirely different and something like Sci-fi. Elon Musk intends to build the pickup truck with the looks of a sports car. Therefore, it is something like a hybrid vehicle.

Starting price $49,000

An all-electric Tesla pickup vehicle, which is expected to go for sale in 2021, would cost $49,000 and upwards. It will fill the gap between battery operated Tesla Semi-truck and all-electric cars. It would be competitively priced at less than that of diesel and petrol vehicles. The new truck would feature a self-driving suspension and an all-wheel-drive. It travels for 500 km on a single charge and boasts a weirdly look. The new vehicle runs at speed comparable to that of Porsche. Tesla would introduce a compact SUV (Model Y) in 2020.

Tesla would face competition from automakers like Rivian, GM, and Ford, which are gearing up to introduce its electric vehicles in the coming years. The company is working on Roadster and Semi, which would go for production in 2020. According to Tesla, the quickest car – Roadster would run at speeds of over 250 miles per hour. It will run for up to 620 miles on a single charge. Car lovers can buy Roadster at $200,000.

Record delivery of Model 3 in the UK

Tesla reported record sales of TSLA vehicles in Q3 in the UK. Model 3, which is one of the best selling cars, has contributed to the record sales of Tesla in September and in Q3. The company has sold 2,864 Model 3s in September 2019. It has delivered 5,385 Model 3s in Q3, 2019. Model 3 is one of the best selling Tesla Cars in Norway and the Netherlands.