Image Protect Inc (OTCMKTS:IMTL) continues to show off a large disparity between its flow of fundamental catalysts and the action in the stock on the chart.

This is company that has just launched a major new programmatic ad platform that solves online digital image IP rights and unleashes a viral monster of internet real estate growth at the same time. And now they have beefed up the user interface with the launch of an analytics dashboard and a proprietary in-house DSP for programmatic ad campaigns to bring in serious brand interest.

The prepotency here is seemingly enormous. But the stock is hugging sub-penny lows. This could be one of the most enticing lotto-ticket spec options in the stock market right now.

This morning, the company announced the upcoming live launch of its proprietary programmatic advertisement network exchange. According to the release, the Fotofy Ad Network Exchange, a Demand Side Platform (“DSP”) set to cater to brands eager to make use of the growing Fotofy Image Marketplace reach, will go live on November 1, 2019.

“The launch of the Fotofy Ad Network Exchange is effectively the beginning of our revenue process,” noted Image Protect CEO, Matthew Goldman. “As of November 1, the Fotofy launch strategy will offer users, image rightsholders, and advertisers an opportunity to mesh together in this exciting new image business model– and we are hoping all three of those metrics will work as projected. But the technological capacity to achieve our vision will be fully in place.”

The basic idea here is the Exchange will be armed with detailed analytics allowing brands to match campaigns with appropriately placed and configured imagery and site context to optimize outcomes for all parties.

And, that’s not even the best part for shareholders: because the Exchange was developed and deployed entirely in-house at Image Protect, the Company will benefit powerfully on the margin side as brands come in and make use of the exposure potential that Fotofy is building.

“The Fotofy DSP will offer exceptional control for brands seeking new programmatic campaign opportunities,” continued Mr. Goldman. “Real-time bidding auction execution will ensure optimal pricing, with incorporation of advanced parameters, including budget controls, maximum bids, timing, frequency, geography, and audience targeting, all in place to maximize the utility of the Fotofy marketplace for our incoming brand partners. Most importantly, we have developed this in-house, which will have enormous long-term bottom-line implications. The revenue will fall to our bottom line.”