Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), said he would fight back any efforts of politicians to break up the company. According to the information available on Verge, the company would challenge the anti-trust move legally if warren elected as President of the US and would win the battle.

Warren proposes break-up of big tech firms

The democratic hopeful for the US president, Elizabeth Warren has proposed earlier this year for the breaking up of tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. She bats for preventing efforts of the tech giants to frame rules favorable to them by influencing the political system. Warren’s relationship with Facebook worsened after the latter pulled up her ads for the break-up of the company.

Vows to make tech firms accountable

Warren responded to the leaked audio of Zuckerberg and said if we don’t fix up the corrupt system, it allows the tech giants to indulge in anti-competitive practices illegally, and infringe on consumer privacy rights. They evade the responsibility to protect democracy. In a tweet on Twitter, Warren said she is not afraid to make Google, Amazon, and Facebook accountable.

Several commentators are quick to respond to the leaked audio of Facebook that how the tech giant has grown and felt so powerful to threaten its government and file a lawsuit and win the battle. It raises doubts that someone in the PR department of Facebook purportedly leaked the audio and intends to slap on the face of Zuckerberg.

According to another leaked snippet, the break-up of tech giants would disrupt the integrity of elections. CEO says, breaking up of the tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook would not solve the problems. The break-up prevents coordination, and interference in elections is more likely.

The remarks of Facebook also imply that if the elections are not conducted under strict supervision, the win of Warren is doubtful. The content shaping algorithms on Facebook are so powerful to shape public opinion and amplify the narratives with a little spending. CEO further says Facebook has the power to police the election’s integrity because of its size. In a nutshell, he argues that only tech behemoths can save democracy.

Facebook readies to take on Tik Tok

The social media giant is gearing up to tackle the Chinese app – Tik Tok. In the first step, Facebook would test the Lasso, a standalone video-sharing app, in Mexico where Tik Tok has not made inroads. It will focus on giving a fight to Tik Tok at a later stage in nations where Tik Tok has gained prominence.