Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google has issued an update to Cloud AutoML. The company has introduced AutoML Video and AutoML Vision Edge roughly a year after launching the Cloud AutoML. The new subset introduced today comes with enhanced features. Google already introduced prebuilt AI models that facilitate image classification and text translation. The Cloud AutoML introduced last year allows the creation of custom AI models.

Beta version of AI-based recommenders

Google has unveiled a beta of AI-based recommenders for the compute engine and Identity and Asset Management (IAM). The cloud customers of Google can use these recommenders for economical and secure cloud deployments with no compromise on the performance.

The Compute Engine helps to analyze the memory and processor utilization in the last eight days and determine workload and decide whether the selected machine is right for the job. It allows businesses to choose the right machine instead of a large or small machine. The customers can access the Compute Engine, and IAM Recommender from the cloud console and view/ optimize the policies.

For Edge devices

According to Google, AutoML Vision Edge detects objects and classifies images on Edge devices that comprise devices using Arm, Nvidia, or other chipsets and working with OS like iOS and Android. An AI-enabled startup – Tryon has already used AutoML Vision Edge to provide augmented reality experience. Tryon is engaged in the design and development of augmented reality software for use in jewelry retail and e-commerce sites.

AutoML Video

According to Google, the toolset – AutoML Video allows tracking of movement of several items between the frames. The video intelligence API’s latest version, which comes with pre-trained algorithms to recognize objects, actions, and places, allows detection and recognition of the logos of more than 100,000 organizations and businesses in streaming and stored clips. The new tool is a boon for the businesses and facilitates ad placement and brand safety.

Introduces updated privacy tools Maps

Google has unveiled new tools to improve the privacy of its users. It is on the backdrop of tech giants face scrutiny on the collection of user data. It has added an auto-delete feature for YouTube users to delete their viewing and search histories after some days. The company has also introduced incognito mode in maps to prevent the recording of user’s movements. Android users will get these features this month.