Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) is pleased to open a new location where patients can receive medical services. It lies next to the company’s retail store in Dallas, Georgia. Market analysts believe the new move will greatly disrupt America’s most broken health industry.

Walmart Health is mini-hospital where one can walk in and get the medical services needed. The checkups by the doctors here are helpful, and a large number of patients have had their teeth checked and cleaned. One can also access X-ray services here as well as vaccines to help prevent several illnesses.

Walmart charges 30–50% less than what most of the hospitals charge for service delivery. This is good news, especially to those that have been struggling financially. They can receive high-end services at the most affordable rates.

Health insurance companies have been on the rise in the US. Patients have been compelled to pay huge premiums to see these bodies cover their health. Illnesses range from a major surgery like a hip replacement to the simplest illnesses, for instance, the flu shot.

Different people will have different opinions regarding bundling up of everything into a single insurance policy. Some of those seeking covers complain that it is complex establishing how much anything costs.

It is difficult to tell how much hospitals will charge one for different tests. Whenever one goes to a hospital, he hardly know how much it is going to cost. Most of the patients know the real figures after they receive their bills through emails. Such arbitrary and opaque pricing is something that most people don’t appreciate.

Hopefully, Walmart Health might be the one to crack this challenge finally. Other leading services may also follow suit since this is something that needs to be done.

Most folks seek to obtain basic healthcare services from clinics in their local areas. Walmart Health is set to serve all those that will need its services. Most of the local clinics don’t have links with large insurance companies and the huge hospital networks.