Uber has expanded the helicopter service to JFK Airport from Manhattan. The eight-minute ride on a helicopter costs $200. It is for travelers to beat the traffic and land airport in time. In a tweet on Thursday, Uber said the new service – ‘Uber Copter’ is available to all the users. The service is previously available in July to Diamond and Platinum members. It could be starting for all-electric air rides in the future.

Fare includes To and Fro transport

The fare for each helicopter ride comprises the ground transportation at both sides. Users can avail ‘Uber Copter’ during rush hours on weekdays. The company operates ‘Uber Copter’ from all the places in Manhattan South (of Houston Street). Travelers, who have access to the West Side Highway, can also avail the helicopter service during rush hours.

HeliFlite operates the flights

HeliFlite operates all the flight services for Uber passengers. Each helicopter accommodates six persons apart from two pilots. It allows a carry bag and a personal item during the flight. Heliflite operates two helicopters for a comfortable ride and helps passengers to beat the rush. It is the right step towards urban aviation. Heliflite also offers flights between the Hamptons and Manhattan.

iOS devices to request helicopter service

The guests need to use iOS devices to hire the helicopter ride service. Uber allows booking on-demand trips. The users can book the facility five days in advance. Everyone in the uber account can avail of this service. The price for the service, which is available from Monday to Friday, might increase depending on the demand and could go up to $225 per person.

It is an opportunity for Uber to collect data for its future launch of a full-pledged copter service. Uber intends to launch a full-pledged copter service in the year 2023 using all-electric and lightweight helicopters. It may take some years for the availability of lightweight and all-electric helicopters. The company is using standard helicopters until such time.

Head of Uber Elevate, Eric Allison, said ‘Uber Copter’ is the first launch to provide an all-electric air rides in the future. Though Uber touts 8 minutes trip, it could take up to 70 minutes for the trip that includes ground transportation.