International Spirits & Wellness Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ISWH), a top-tier brand incubator in the Spirits, CBD-Infused Products, and Home Healthcare markets, just announced what could potentially be a game changing marketing and distribution relationship as the company gears up to become one of the most prominent players in the CBD market space.

According to the company’s most recent press release, ISWH just signed an LOI to partner up with CBDSMARTDECISION.COM, an algorithmic product recommendation system administered by Smart Decision, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SDEC), a next-generation consumer-based LED & CBD algorithm innovator.

Terry Williams, CEO of ISWH, stated, “We are excited to get on board this next-generation product marketing and sales vehicle. If you aren’t part of the future, you’re part of the past. The system is set to revolutionize how CBD consumers find the products that best serve their needs. We are pleased that Smart Decision sought us out to participate in this process.”

The Next Generation Game

As we understand it now, management notes that Smart Decision Inc. is developing proprietary algorithms for the CBD marketplace that are set to remove the confusion from the consumer process, which should help in reducing returns, consumer dissatisfaction, and abandoned carts in the ecommerce process for CBD. ISWH is committed to finding and exploiting every available edge in establishing further traction as it gears up to sharply expand sales of its premium nano-infused CBD-based product line.

And this catalyst should not be underestimated. is an algorithmic system that holds a great deal of promise for companies in the CBD space looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the herd.

This is particularly interesting because ISWH is, according to its recent communications, nearing the full public release of details related to a new broad-based strategic partnership, as announced in its release dated November 13, 2019, for the appointment of an exclusive manufacturing and marketing partner for the launch of five new CBD-based wellness products, including a comprehensive branding refresh for the Company’s P19 CBD-based products brand.

“As we begin to ramp up our expansion in the CBD space, we will be striving to place ISWH at the center of the action,” continued Mr. Williams. “The solution will help to differentiate CBD brands. Our nano-infused products offer superior bioavailability for CBD content on a per-unit basis, suggesting that the P19 brand is exceptionally well suited to algorithmic product recommendation systems.”


In other words, ISWH has been building prepotency as something of a reemerging top-tier player in the CBD market space due to its positioning as a premium play on the concept of what is known as “nano-infusion”, which holds the promise of superior bioavailability for CBD-based products.

The upshot of this premise is that it holds the potential for differentiation, which is the most important variable right now in the CBD space given the large number of new entrants into this high growth game.

By staking its claim as a specialty player with superior methodological and technological chops, ISWH holds the potential to become a leadership player if it can manage to differentiate itself. Hence, this LOI has the potential to be a game changer for the stock.