Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google has dismissed Kathryn Spiers, who works as a security engineer. According to Google, she misused privileged access to internal systems and tools. She is the fifth employee to get fired from Google on accusations of organizing a labor union.

Created a pop-up to spread labor rights

According to a communiqué from Google’s Vice President, Royal Hansen, the role of Kathryn is to ensure the security of infrastructure and platforms used by the users. The security engineer – Kathryn has added a pop-up to an internal browser to inform her colleagues about labor rights and misused the rights granted to her. She has not taken the permission of the superior to add a pop-up to an internal browser and violated the rules. The company could have accepted if she has sent any other message through a pop-up.

Google’s role is under scrutiny

Employees at Google are unhappy over the plans to work with China, CBP, and the defense department. They also staged a walkout from the company after the leak of Andy Rubin left the company on an alleged relationship with a subordinate. The company has given a golden parachute of $90 million to Andy. Google also shuts down its weekly meetings in a town hall wherein employees can raise questions to the leaders. The open culture at the search giant is contracting.

The employees’ discontent with the management at Google is growing. Google has fired four employees in November 2019 on accusations of violating data security policies. However, the dismissed employees say they are removed because of their attempt to organize the protests against the government contracts, which are problematic.

The four employees file unfair labor practice charges

The four employees, who are removed on Thanksgiving Day, have filed an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). According to the employees, Google has removed them to prevent the organization of the labor union. Spiers said her four co-workers are eliminated by the senior Google employee with false accusations. NLRB agreed to investigate the firing of four employees by Google.

Google currently ranks third in the cloud space. The company yearns to outsmart the rivals Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud space by the year 2023.