SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has introduced an automatic transcription service that takes dictation directly from the physicians. The company has eliminated the need for human intervention for medical transcription. Amazon Transcribe Medical is introduced at a time when the e-commerce giant has increased investment in the medical space. Transcribe Medical is offered initially in Oregon and North Virginia.

No upfront fee for the service

ML (Machine Learning) powered auto transcription service allows physicians to dictate continuously with no need to say comma or full stop. The collected information is then fed to AWS language services or ER systems for entity extraction. It is also HIPAA compliant. Amazon will not charge any upfront fees for the service. The users need to pay for what they use.

Working of the service

The audio is captured through the microphone of your device, and PCM audio is fed to the streaming API. The API inserts punctuation and timestamps and outputs transcribed text. You can save the output of API to the Amazon S3 bucket.

Amazon introduced a medication management service for its Alexa last week. The new service allows the customers to send voice requests for refills. They can also receive medication reminders. Amazon has also introduced a healthcare service for its employees. It also took over healthcare startups such as Health Navigator and PillPack.

Introduces Amazon SageMaker Operators

To help developers and data scientists simplify tuning, training, and deployment of containerized ML models, Amazon introduced Amazon SageMaker Operators (ASO) to power Kubernetes.

Containerized ML models help developers and data scientists to work faster inside organizations. ASO for Kubernetes helps to manage and run those ML models with ease. Aditya Bindal of AWS said customers could get portability and control with Kubernetes. Amazon ensured the availability of ASO for Kubernetes in select AWS areas.

Cerner selects AWS as its ML and Cloud provider

Cerner Corporation has chosen AWS as its preferred ML, AI, and cloud provider. The healthcare technology firm plans to create the next chapter in its healthcare’s digital age using a broad portfolio of services of AWS that include IoT, analytics, and ML. Cerner will use AWS’s portfolio to reduce per capita healthcare costs, improved patient care, and improve the health of the people.