Verizon Communication (NYSE:VZ) is partnering with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) to deliver 5G Edge Cloud Computing. This will bring storage and processing power near 5G users as well as devices at ultra-low latency and faster speeds.

Verizon to AWS Wavelength to offer 5G Edge Computing

Verizon will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) wavelength making it the first carrier to use the wavelength to offer 5G network computing. Verizon’s SVP technology and planning Adam Koeppe indicated that they plan to integrate the AWS Wavelength at strategic locations within the company’s 5G network that utilizes the 28 MHz mmWave Spectrum. With the integration, they will open up the carrier’s network to AWS developers that may prefer creating low-latency applications running on a 5G distributed network. 

Koeppe indicated that the company is already piloting the AWS Wavelength tech in Chicago with some high-profile partners such as NFL and Bethesda Softworks. Verizon has already deployed a 5G network in Chicago, and 5G edge computing will be available in other areas in the US next year.  

Although there are no specific details on the applications yet, it appears to liken live streaming, and remote gaming could be the obvious one. However, other possible uses could include IoT devices, smart cars, and virtual reality, which are the touted applications of 5G.

Verizon partnering with companies for 5G solutions

Verizon Business Group CEO Tami Erwin indicated that the 5G would transform how enterprises utilize information to differentiate experience to customers. Erwin stated that the company has taken a strong position to enable 5G solutions, and thus partnering with others can help drive innovations. He added that there was no better partner than Amazon as Verizon considered opening Edge computing to several across the globe to develop solutions.

Amazon is, however, not the first company Verizon has partnered with on 5G as it also has strategic partnerships with The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) and Disney (NYSE: DIS). The CEO indicated that they are partnering with industry leaders that they believe will enable solutions that the network will support.