Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will use a new display technology in its Macbook Pro and iPad models from next year. This is according to a research note released on Monday from TF Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo.

Apple to use mini LED tech on new devices

The research note indicated that the company plans to use the mini LED tech in a line-up of six devices. They include the high-end iPad Pro that will launch in Q3 2020 and which will have an A14X processor as well as a 12.9-inch display.  The 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop will launch in the fourth quarter of 2020. Previously Kuo had indicated that the mini LED displays will be vital differentiating tech for the company in its mid-size products.

Mostly Apple employs 576 LEDs in Pro Display XDR, but with the new tech, the devices will hold up to 10,000 with each LED tinier than 200 microns. But in the past year, there has been a word that they might replace the display with mini-LED.  Apple’s laptops use LCD screens with retina displays, and they look awesome, but with the enhanced mini LED, they could even be better.

Mini LED screens offer enhanced contrast on images

Mini LED displays are power efficient and lighter compared to OLED displays that they use currently on the devices. The displays provider higher contrast, and they are not at risk of “burn-in” more so when there is a permanent display of an image on a malfunctioning screen. iPhones used OLED and LCD screens, depending on the model.

Kuo noted that the mini-LED displays would help enhance productivity as well as an entertainment experience. The mini-LEDs create enhanced images with more saturation and also enhanced black levels. This means the display will have better dimming control by offering enhanced shining of bright parts of the image and dimming of dark parts. The technology is popular in public signage, and it is yet to be applied in consumer electronics.

According to sources, Zheng Ding Tech will supply the module of mini LED backlighting that the MacBook will use.