Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB) has inaugurated a retail store in North America’s West Edmonton Mall. 11,000 Sq. Ft. store combined an immersive experiential space and cannabis store. It encourages visitors across the world to take part in varying events and programs and explore unique products. Aurora retail store offers products that comply with provincial and federal regulations. The visitors in this flagship store will get access to more than forty-two types of cannabis products that include Wood Stock, Whistler Cannabis, Alta Vie, and San Rafael of Aurora.

Aurora calls Edmonton it’s home

Aurora developed its business and calls Edmonton its home proudly. Chief Executive Officer of Aurora, Terry Booth, said Edmonton is the best place to open its flagship store. It welcomes customers worldwide to take part in this celebratory event. They can learn how quickly the cannabis business grows. Aurora is a leader in the cannabis space.

Vice President (consumer strategy and retail), Zamina Walji, said the company chooses Edmonton because this is its home base. The Edmonton mall attracts 30 million visitors annually. Therefore, it provides an enormous opportunity for Aurora to engage the customers.

Innovative retail experience

Aurora has hired GMC Architects and Bruce Mau Design to create a place where customers can gather and enjoy the innovative retail experience. The architects and design agency blended nature with the latest technology and innovation in this space to explore the relationship between natural elements, which are core to the Aurora. Also, the commitments to advancements in the industry and state of the art production promote the growth of Aurora. Aurora creates a conducive experience for the customers to learn, lounge, and explore the cannabis movement.

According to Walji, Aurora mainly focuses on the legalization of cannabis, learning how the industry evolves, its products, and consumption. Younger visitors, who have not attained legal age to use cannabis, can legally relax in the store’s foyer when their guardians or parents engage in shopping.

Aurora opened its flagship store after its shares touched a two-year low. It has suspended the work at one of its production plants and halted the construction at another manufacturing facility. Every firm faces ups and downs. The introduction of Cannabis 2.0 is expected to change the scenario.