Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) launched a four-minute-long commercial on Thursday for its satellite, broadband, and cable products with a movie Alien – ET. The alien sees Elliot during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC of Comcast. Henry Thomas, who did the same several years back, played the character.

ET brings the same joy to people

According to a communiqué from Henry, the new ad provides the same beauty of the original without any messy bits to the audience filling their hearts and the mind with joy. The Philadelphia entertainment giant wants to use the 4-minute long ad for its commercial needs.

Omnicom Group’s Goodby brings ET back to earth

Comcast has hired Silverstein, Goodby of Omnicom Group, and partners to develop the new ad and display the ET again on this earth in the front yard of Elliot. The family of Elliot teaches ET how to browse the web with the help of Comcast’s Xfinity and how to use the remote control to show the holiday movies on the TV’s large screen. ET helps the kids of Elliot how to fly on their bicycles. Kids offer ET a nice cheese and ice cream, and ET readily devours, making you astonished. The audience will have an urge to reconnect with the holidays prompted by a nice graphic on the screen.

Senior Vice President (Marketing Communications) of Comcast Cable, Peter Intermaggio, said the main aim of the company is to display Sky Technology, and Xfinity connects friends, family, and loved ones. It is a necessary feature for the holidays. He further said the friendship between Elliott and ET resonates worldwide, and their story helps to bring the consumer technology of Comcast to life. CFO and Senior Vice President of Comcast, Mike Cavanagh, will take part in the UBS Global TMT Conference.

End-to-end call verification

Comcast, along with Inteliquent and T-Mobile introduced an end-to-end STIR/SHAKEN call verification process, a first of its kind to fight spammers, and spoofers, across the three networks. President (Technology, Products, and Xperience) of Comcast, Tony Werner, said the company developed a technology to ensure that Xfinity customers only answer legitimate calls.