It has been a tragic five months for the Chinese electric-car market, which has declined by a significant margin. On the other hand, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has registered outstanding growth following its 14-fold new-car registrations. This has inspired the Model 3 maker a great deal, and it now plans to start making deliveries.

The state of affairs

The business guru has a factory in Shanghai, and this is where it will be launching its delivery operations.

A lot of changes have been taking place, one of them being a stand-off between Tesla and China. The state had decided to put punitive measures on all U.S.-made cars. This was to take the form of imposing a 25% punitive tariff on these vehicles. Tesla was not happy with the move, and it started pushing the state to make changes to the directive.

Early this year, the two sides seemed to move close to striking a deal. The country decided to roll back the tariff, a matter that impressed Tesla a great deal.

 Tesla knows that it has a lot at stake in China and has, therefore, been very calculative in its business decisions and strategies. China is one of the leading countries when it comes to electric vehicle manufacturing. It controls almost half of the entire sales in the segment.

The state also happens to be the second-largest market for products from Tesla after the US.

The turn of events

It was recently that the automaker disclosed details about the rates it will be selling some of its products. The Model 3s manufactured in the Shanghai factory will be selling at $50,000.This rate is a little beat lower as compared to the imported versions.

 Tesla has also disclosed its intention to bring down the prices of all the models in manufactures locally. It says it will lower the prices by 20%, and it hopes to be able to do this by utilizing local manufacturing components. The company’s secret is to minimize input in terms of the resources it employs in production activities.

The previous year was rather challenging for Tesla after the country imposed a 25% tariff on American-made cars. However, the business climate is gradually changing with time.