Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is quite impressed with its new artificial intelligence system. Experts say that this system is coming out as more effective in line with the detection of breast cancer in mammograms. According to them, it is working much better than the trained radiologists.

Google says that the future of the new system is targeted at complementing trained radiologists. It dismisses the rumors in circulation that it targeted displacing these professionals.

Google’s perspective

Google says that there is a power that the system has, but these professionals lack. On the other hand, there are things these professionals can depict the system can’t yet. The company feels that it will be much better if radiologists work with the strategy. It will help a great deal in helping patients struggling with cancer. This latest system is also about speeding up the current diagnostic procedures and, thus, more efficient diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

There is no doubt about it that the mammograms are great diagnostic tools for cancer. Clinicians have been working with them, and many patients have received assistance.

However, that shouldn’t be taken to mean that they are the perfect tool for screening purposes. This is considering that one in five breast cancers are left out by the radiologist using the tools.

The other point coming to light is about the false-positive findings that have continued to be witnessed every year. Many women have been victims of these false-positives, which exposes them to great danger.

AI is the way to go

The new AI system may turn out to be exactly what the world requires at this point. This is in consideration of the many lives that continue to be lost because of cancer. Experts say that the system was trained using a data set of almost 100,000 mammograms. A new study was conducted shortly to look into how the predictive software functions. The tests conducted focused on some two massive mammogram sets, with one of them being from the UK. The other was from the US.

One of the leading UK Google Health researchers says that the recent technologies will play a crucial role in augmenting the human expert.