It was on Friday that Petroleo Brasileiro (BVMF:PETR4) gave a comprehensive report regarding its next move. The business guru outlined that it was going to exact its plan to hire some emergency workers. The company confirms that it is within its rights to move ahead to hire the new workforce.

Disagreements between the parties

The matter has been ongoing for quite a while with the parties involved disagreeing on several issues. Matters became quite serious at that point where the case was taken to court. Petroleo Brasileiro SA was served with the papers to appear in court but it was surprised.

That was because the party that went to court had made the threat early in Advance.The Company’s management converged in a meeting and started organizing for its defense in court. Lawyers representing the interests of the company have been attending all the sittings presenting a strong defense for it.

The court needed to balance the scales in the best ways possible and analysts say that it succeeded a great deal in that regard. This is after they learned about the court’s directive regarding the matter. It had taken the stand that the unions comply with an order to retain about 90% of the workers in their working stations.

Petroleo Brasileiro intervenes

Matters did not unfold as per the court’s directive and that is considering that the unions did not heed to the court’s order. A large number of the workers missed to go to work, a matter Petroleo Brasileiro SA says affected its business operations a huge deal.

 The company was not going to take that lying down and it gave a statement outlining that it would be hiring some emergency workers. Journalists asked the company to state the reason as to why it was taking such a serious move and if it was sure about it. The business guru explained saying that it was within its rights employing the new workers.

According to it, the court in its stipulation had given it all the rights to hire the emergency workers just in case the unions did not adhere to the directive. Petrobras has confirmed that its production was affected significantly and that it must do something about it. The company hired emergency workers and is looking forward to more steady business operations.