Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) has come up with a way if saving its fountain soda business amid COVID-19 after it announced a contactless Freestyle machine. With most restaurants shutting soda fountains due to COVID, Coca-Cola has a way of linking the freestyle machines with customers’ phones.

Coca-Cola introduces contactless Freestyle soda machines

The company announced an update to the machines that allow customers to pick and pour drinks through their phones without touching the machine. The completely contactless machine can be found in most fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and even in corporate offices. The update of the software package of the machine means customers can hold their cameras on the machine display and scan a QR code. This will then connect to the cloud and then bring the user interface of the machine on your phone, and the customer can pick for the available menu options.

Chris Hellmann, the company’s Freestyle VP indicated that the restaurant and entertainment sector has been one of the most hit during the pandemic. With the contactless machines, Hellmann said that their beverage dispensers will be safe with the ideal cleaning and recommended care. Because of the current uncertain times, Coca-Cola has sought to offer customers an option of contactless fountain experience.

Coke committed to offering safe fountain soda consumption

Hellmann added that the company is delighted to see innovations that meet the changing needs of consumers and customers. He added that their partners were doing everything to maintain a safe working environment, and Coca-Cola is also doing its best to offer safe options.

The company introduced the Cole Freestyle machine in 2009, and it has changed fountain soda drinking through tech that unlocks endless soda options. There are around 52,000 machines in the US, and Hellman confirmed that the company is planning to roll out the contactless tech to 50 Freestyle machines this week. The target is to hit 10,000 machines by the end of summer and have all the machines using the contactless tech by the end of 2020.