Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) launched the Oracle SD-WAN Orchestration Cloud (OSOC) designed to managing network traffic and simplify multi-cloud integration. There is a growing number of businesses using cloud-based IT and administration solutions. These solutions require a high level of availability, resilience, and security.

Using OSOC, enterprises can easily deploy and operate complicated networks by easily connecting to their own and external cloud networks. This has saved companies money and time as they do not need to design, build, and maintain their own SD-WAN cores. The new package is part of the company’s move to expand its portfolio by offering high quality and high performing networks.

Working together with Oracle SD-WAN Edge and Oracle SD-WAN Aware products, the OSOC offers high-quality reliability, security, and visibility across enterprise networks. Customers can use Orchestration Cloud on their site or virtually on Microsoft Azure clouds, Amazon Web Services, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle introduces new updates on its blockchain platform cloud service

Oracle recently announced new updates to its blockchain cloud services in a bid to improve scalability, availability, and deployment. The updates is response to growing demand for resilient, secure, and scalable platforms that are readily available for deployment.

There is a growing number of enterprise customers that are turning to blockchain solutions to manage huge data volumes from their production and transaction activities.

The new updates will automatically deploy and replicate on user’s components across three Oracle domains. Oracle’s new blockchain consensus mechanism is based on RAFT protocol, which offers greater decentralization for businesses. The new platform also allows multiple participants to operate a different section of the network.

Oracle wins framework agreement in Canada

Oracle has won a contract to provide secure cloud services to the Government of Canada. The agreement will see various federal agencies of the Canadian government store, manage, and process sensitive data using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The move is part of the Government of Canada’s strategy to move its operations to cloud services. The government is working on having a cloud-first strategy as a preferred mode of delivery with initiating information technology investments, initiatives, strategies, and projects.