Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) announced that all its critical components’ in the IoT value chain will be available to customers as the company moves to simplify and fast track its end-to-end IoT solution creation. The simplified process will allow customers access services like artificial intelligence, cloud hosting, network/capability, and connected devices.

Streamlining the creation of new IoT applications.

The company also integrated its 5G/LTE Network, ThingSpace IoT platform and its Critical Asset Sensor devices to Microsoft Azure.

Verizon announced that its 5G network, its ThingSpace IoT platform, and its Critical Asset Sensor devices have all been integrated with Microsoft Azure, to streamline creation of new IoT applications. This will enable IoT Builders to quirkily and efficiently create new IoT applications by accessing secure connectivity to Verizon’s industry-leading 5G/LTE network and full management and diagnostics capabilities.

IoT Builders, integrators and service providers can now access pre-built templates and application-level, cloud-based analytics or a variety of industry use cases through the Microsoft Azure IoT Central. The integration of Verizon’s ThingSpace platform and Azure infrastructure will allow quick development, deployment, and operationalization of IoT solutions.

According to Aamir Hussain, Verizon Business’ senior vice president of Business Products, the integration is meant to simplify development and deployment of IoT solutions by allowing developers to access critical solutions in one package.

In the past, Microsoft has introduced several services to help simplify IoT to developers and users. These include Azure IoT Central, IoT Plug and Play, among others. This integration allows developers leverage Verizon’s network and ThingSpace platform to build cellular IoT solutions easily.

Verizon Business launches Small Business Resource Hub

Verizon Business launched its Small Business Resource Hub that will bring together valuable tools, services, and advice to small businesses as they go through the COVID-19 pandemic. The new platforms will bring together Verizon’s previous small business relief programs and vital information to help small businesses mitigate then impacts of the pandemic.

The company also launched Comeback Coach, a platform that connects small businesses to suitable influencers based on the type of content they share.