Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ FB) is the latest company to come into conflict with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) over its App Store policies that surround in-app payments. Apple’s in-payment regulations have come under a lot of scrutiny and criticism from software developers and regulators.

Recently Facebook introduced a feature to allow businesses to host paid online events on its platforms. The social media company had requested Apple not to deduct the 30% fee; it always charges on in-app purchases so that the earnings can go to businesses.

In response, Apple said it would not waive the fee. Facebook tried to issue an update to its users with regard to Apple’s response. Apple blocked the update. Facebook wanted to inform its iOS users that Apple would continue deducting the 30% fee in the update.

“Unfortunately Apple rejected our transparency notice around their 30-percent tax but we are still working to make that information available inside the app experience,” Facebook said in a statement.

Apple has been strict on policies surrounding the 30% fee

It remains unclear how exactly Facebook will get the information to iOS users. In recent days, Apple has been very strict on apps that explain its App Store policies. For instance, Spotify, Kindle, and Netflix were recently blocked from informing their users that they could pay on the web and avoid paying the 30% fee.

Apple has been attempting to keep this feature from the public, and Facebook’s attempt to give it a public review may not have been received in its intended state. Apple’s policies have caused a lot of controversy among developers and tech companies.

Apple is engaged in a legal battle with Epic

Facebook is the latest among companies that have disagreed with Apple because of the 30% fees levied on in-app purchases. Epic is currently engaged in a legal battle with the iPhone maker when the developer tried to circumvent the 30% fee by introducing support for direct payment in its Fortnite game. Apple responded by delisting the game from App Store, which prompted Epic ton to initiate a legal suite. Apple has since removed Epic Games from its App Store. This means although those who had downloaded the game can still access it, developers can no longer add new apps or updates.