The ability to identify future growth opportunities and strong fundamentals make ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: ISWH) an interesting option in the small-cap space.

ISWH has a diversified portfolio with ample exposure in Renewable Energy, Supply chain logistics, Home Healthcare, Adult Beverages, and the Wellness industry. 

As a forward-looking organization, the company is widening its operational focus to Telehealth Solutions and CryptoCurrency Mining, hitherto unexplored areas for the name.

For the investors, who are familiar with the company’s ability to invest proactively, the integration of telemedicine services to its portfolio may not be a surprise.

But the announcement of the joint venture with Bit5ive, the most reputed leader in cryptocurrency mining and innovative turnkey mining solutions, created a wave of excitement throughout the market.

Telemedicine and CryptoCurrency Mining are relatively new domains that leverage evolving technologies.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptic No More

The public perception of cryptocurrency as a mysterious parallel economy is still an impeding element in the industry’s growth.

But in reality, blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrency, is the most promising technology for the future. 

Data is the most precious commodity in the digital world, and blockchain is the most suitable system to ensure data security and integrity. All over the world, industries that deal with sensitive customer data such as Fin-tech or Medical industry are switching to the blockchain. 

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc. enjoy a high level of acceptance across different market segments. It creates a flourishing market for Cryptocurrency mining and mining professionals. 

Unlike in the past, cryptocurrency mining is now a much challenging and rewarding process. It requires one to have specialized devices with high computing power to be a successful miner.

The algorithm changes the complexity levels frequently. A low performing computation device can increase your resolution time, energy consumption, and make the profession less lucrative. 

It creates a thriving market for consumer-grade mining hardware with application-specific integrated circuits or ASICs. Bitmain, a Beijing based mining hardware manufacture, is one of the dominating brands in this segment. 

Bit5ive is an official distribution partner of Bitmain. It is the largest US-based company in the cryptocurrency mining and bitcoin farm industry. 

The decision of ISW Holding Inc. to partner with the veteran in the domain to explore the potential of cryptocurrency mining is laudable. We have all the right reasons to be optimistic here. 

Telemedicine – Increasingly Necessary

Continuously increasing share of the aging population and the prevalence of non-communicable diseases present a complicated scenario for the policymakers. 

The majority of the elderly population requires regular monitoring and follow-ups of their existing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary issues, etc. Such a preventive measure alone can stop ugly manifestations of these diseases that may often require hospitalization.

But the limited mobility and high dependency on caregivers curtail their access to quality healthcare significantly.  

On the other side, pandemics and high patient loads make the health care professionals and resources exhausted. It makes quality health care inaccessible, even for the deserving.

Telemedicine is a viable alternative for the fatigue of the healthcare system. IoT enabled medical devices can perform regular monitoring of the elderly population and alert the doctor whenever his intervention is required. It reduces the hospitalization expenses and avoids burnout for the doctor and makes him more productive. 

Similarly, virtual consultation protects the doctor or caregiver from exposure to dangerous microorganisms such as viruses and helps them stay healthy. Such an approach is quite useful whenever there is an outbreak of infectious diseases or pandemics. 

Telemedicine is still in the nascent stages. It has ample scope of growth in areas such as remote medical diagnoses and robotic surgeries. The major attractive elements will be reduced costs, better outcomes, and continuous availability. 

When a company like ISW holdings with a strong foothold in healthcare invests in Telemedicine, it is an excellent step towards assuring affordable healthcare accessible to all.  


ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) has strong fundamentals and has consistently delivered results for the past six quarters. It provided an impressive performance in the small-cap segment for the year 2019, with a revenue of $500k. 

The consecutive quarterly growth results (Q3 – 26%, Q4 – 29%) and its well-thought-out expansion strategy indicate the possibility of strong future growth.