Big boys on Wall Street are making quite some moves to keep their share holders happy. While the government seems to be bailing out the airlines and the tech sector, small businesses needs a helping hand too ? To improve cash flow, small businesses should also reduce their overdue accounts receivable. A “small business debt collection agency” can help with recovering accounts which have become past-due, while attempting to preserve business relationship with your client., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) placed an order for 1,800 electric vans on Mercedes-Benz for its delivery fleet in Europe. It is part of its commitment to neutralize carbon emissions by the year 2040.

The latest move is part of Amazon’s relentless efforts to strengthen its retail delivery in Europe and ramp up its e-commerce. It will use renewable energy and protect the environment by using emission-free vehicles in its fleet.

EVs will be in service this year

Amazon said it will press a majority of the electric vans received from the cars and vans division of DAIMLER AG (OTCMKTS:DMLRY) into service in 2020. Also, Amazon placed an order for 600 mid-sized Vitos and 1,200 larger eSprinter models on Mercedes-Benz.

It is the largest ever order for EVs for Mercedes-Benz, which holds orders for 500 electric vans for the UK and 800 for the German market. However, it is a small order for the company because Amazon recently placed an order for 100,000 electric vans on a startup, Rivian Automotive LLC.

Rivian will commence production next year and complete the order by 2030. Amazon also placed an order on Deutsche Post’s StreetScooter unit for 60 charging stations and 40 EVs. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said that Daimler’s agreement is part of its ambition to establish a sustainable fleet for transportation across the world.

Mercedes-Benz joins climate pledge

The automaker – Mercedes-Benz earlier announced plans to achieve a zero-carbon fleet by the year 2039. It now formally joined the climate pledge on Friday. Amazon already announced last year to become a carbon-neutral fleet by the year 2040.

Becomes the largest customer of Mercedes-Benz

Amazon received 20,000 non-electric sprinter vans of Mercedes-Benz in 2018 for its delivery contractors. Director (Global Fleet) of Amazon, Ross Rachey, said the company is adding additional vehicles on priority going forward.

Other companies that are pushing to include electric vehicles in their fleet include United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS), which in January 2020, said it is placing an order for 10,000 delivery trucks on Arrival Ltd.

Like Ford Motor Co, Daimler’s rivals are also planning to roll out all-electric Transit Van in 2022 in North America. General Motors Co plans to manufacture electric vans towards the end of next year.