Parisian artist and fashion designer Hichem Hamererras-Toure proved that the show must go on, despite COVID, as he hosted a four-day exhibition titled ‘APOS’ at Hoxton Arches over August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Hichem explains the concept: “The show is called APOS as two signification “after” and “apocalypse.” The concept was to represent the different steps of humanity by sharing hidden messages. I wanted people to feel emotional while going through the various creations and atmosphere I have created. It is time to release the future of this universe. With APOS, you were able to understand what is coming next and how a human being feels about it.  At the same time, I wanted to make it more palpable by adding elements that people would appreciate, such as live music.”

With COVID safety measures in place, the event consisted of three very different spaces containing mannequins wearing unique and distinctive painted jackets, juxtaposed with mixed-medium pieces on the walls, all very fluid and immersive. One room was a dark space, filled with smoke and UV lighting, whilst another saw DJs spin back to back sets during the long weekend. Finally, a gin bar in the garden.

Of the art. Hichem says: “My favourite piece is called Dementia, a fashion art creation I have done in fluorescent paint. It has a hidden design and different codes. To me, it represents the complexity of the universe and knowledge. Because once you know, you become stronger. To me, it is all about emotion. I wanted my guests and visitors to feel something. When I go somewhere, exhibition, but or wherever I need to immerse myself in the environment to be able to understand it and make it stronger. When you enter the room, you are immediately transported to another world, which is part of the subconscious. Also, I find it very important to make people feel something, good or bad. That way, they will always remember.”

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