Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) plans to perform live shows of its theme parks in the air using Drones. The company recently received a patent for conducting animated shows in the air using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Disney Enterprises applied for the patent in September 2019. The patent permits Disney to draw images using drones and perform aerial shows to entertain the guests. Disney will use centralized control on the ground for tracking them.

Pre-programmed movements

Disney said its teams are on the job to implement the drone in their production schedules and make them perform special effects using pre-programmed movements. The existing drone technology is creating a problem when the teams tried to sync them with other elements in the production.

Given the complexities involving human performances and give highlighted show effects, synchronizing them with pre-programmed flight paths of UAV is very difficult. Disney plans to simplify the shows allowing the UAVs to hit certain marks and at the same time display other elements.

Disney’s Mulan debuts on Friday

New Mulan, which is based on a centuries-old story in China, debuted on Friday. It failed to impress the audience in mainland China despite casting popular actors and reasonable depiction. The movie is ranked in just $7 million. Its collections could touch Yuan 291 million.

The theaters in China are gradually opened with coronavirus under control. Several overseas and domestic films are in the queue for screening after the delay caused by the coronavirus.

After closing its theme parks, Disney reopened its other two theme parks in Florida and welcomed the visitors on July 15, 2020.

The company reopened its Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and rolled out Disney World’s theme parks with the Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom welcoming the guests. Disney opened the doors of SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando in August 2020.

Screening at the entrance

Disney implemented strict monitoring of visitors to its theme parks. It maintains social distance and temperature checks are conducted at the gate. All the employees and visitors must wear face masks. It also implemented checking of temperature for every visitor to prevent the spreading of coronavirus in the park. Disney will not offer any live shows to the guests because of the tussle between it and the singers and actors.