MasterCard Inc. (NYSE:MA) and Instacart have announced a limited-time promotion whereby cardholders who shop groceries delivered by Instacard will receive some benefits.

MasterCard holders to enjoy benefits on Instacard deliveries

People who prefer shopping online and their groceries delivered by Instancart will enjoy free Instacart Express membership for two months. This after signing up between now and the end of March 2021 with the perk valued at $20, considering Instacart Express costs $9.99 monthly. Most importantly, one will need a MasterCard as their default payment method with the feature available for small business, debit, and prepaid card users. This new promotion will help save money that you could have paid for convenience and thus have money to buy more groceries.

Customers having Instacart Express will benefit from quick delivery without any delivery fees on orders exceeding $35 as well as reduced service fees. Customers who have not claimed the offer before and don’t have an active Instacart Express can take advantage of the offer. Any US-issued MasterCard acceptable on Instacart’s platform qualifies for the offer except for the FSA and HAS cards.

You can cancel free membership any time

It is important to note that after two free months, the membership will auto-renew to a yearly plan at $99. However, to cancel this anytime by going to the account settings, and on Express, you can click Cancer Membership. Should you cancel the membership before the end of the promotion, you will still enjoy Instacart Express perks for two months.

Besides saving on delivery costs, customers can pay with a rewards card that earns points or cashback that can be used to offset the bill. One of the best grocery rewards cars is the Chase Freedom FlexSM card, which has a welcome bonus that includes 5% cashback on grocery shopping on up to $12,000 spent in the first year of opening the account. Customers can also earn up to $200 in cashback for spending $500 pm purchase son their first there months after opening the account.